Is Mobile stable/secure enough, now?

I recently took the plunge and subscribed to the "new" Quicken. (I've used Quicken for decades - was it around in the 1980's? 1990's? since then.)

I have a fairly intricate monthly reconciling/budgeting/savings process that relies pretty equally on Quicken (for transaction downloads, reconciling against paper receipts, and reporting) and Excel (for budgeting, tracking savings goals, investment allocations, retirement planning). I moved a lot of functions that *could* be performed in Quicken to Excel when I encountered (years ago) some reliability issues with Quicken.

I need to simplify my process. Now that I'm subscribed, and it's my understanding that I can use Quicken Mobile for free, I am considering using it to speed up the verification of (and disposal of some) paper receipts. I.e., instead of throwing all my paper receipts in a box and saving them for one monthly session where I compare them ALL against transactions downloaded into Quicken for Windows, I'd like to do this more regularly, on my phone.

I tried Quicken Mobile once, long ago, when it was still Intuit. I immediately had enough issues that I stopped using it.

Is Quicken Mobile REALLY stable and secure, now?

Is the advertised ease of synching Quicken for Windows to Quicken Cloud and to Quicken Mobile really as easy as advertised?

Wanting to hear from users (preferably those almost as long-time as I am), here.

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  • EmKay
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    Thanks. No point doing it at all if it's one-at-a-time. If it's not robust enough to handle all of my stuff, I won't let it handle any of my stuff. I'll keep doing things the way I am now. Thanks for the feedback.
  • EmKay
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    > @smayer97 said:
    > Security is not an issue here (besides the risk of having a lot of your data reside centrally on the Quicken Cloud).

    That risk is exactly what I'm concerned about. Is it, with Quicken, a risk? Or not any more than accessing my banking info directly with my bank, on the web?

    As for the stability -- seems like 100% of the answers (two answers) so far are - it's still not stable.
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