I would like to transfer selected transactions from one file to another

Tommy DeWeese
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I currently keep records on my mother to settle up financial transactions. I have created an account called due from mom. I also track her transactions in her own quicken file. Is there a way to copy and move the one account's transactions from one quicken file to another.

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  • S. Weber
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    I used Windows with the Subscription. I have found that you can copy and paste (only one at a time) each transaction from one file to another file. Open the file with the transaction that is already entered. Go to the transaction. Right click in the Payee field. Select "copy transaction". Click File (upper left), and at the bottom of the menu, change to the other file (your mom's, for example). Go to the account in your mom's file you want the transaction to be pasted into. In a blank transaction row, right click and select "paste transaction". The transaction should then populate in that row. You will then need to save the transaction. You may also need to adjust the Cleared/Uncleared/Reconciled status to your needs. You can only do this one at a time. You can copy multiple transactions at a time, but you can't paste multiple transactions (into the other file) at once - I tried.
  • jacobs
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    @S. Weber  Thank you for sharing that information, but this thread was about Quicken Mac -- and copy and paste as you describe is not available in Quicken Mac.
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