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I am new to quicken and would like to download all 2019 transactions from my checking account

I am new to quicken and would like to download all 2019 transactions from my checking account. Quicken only downloaded the past month. Can I down load the rest of the year?

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  • Boatnmaniac
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    edited February 2020
    Unfortunately, most FIs (Financial Institutions) will download a limited time range of transactions during your Quicken account online services set up.  The time range varies by FI and if you get you more than 6-12 wks of the most recent transactions when you set up online services you are lucky.  There is nothing in Quicken that you can do to change this.
    However, there is a work-around for this if your FI allows manual downloads of Quicken files (QFX) from your online account with them.  Before you do this, be sure to backup your Quicken file so you can recover it in case something goes wrong.
    If your bank allows manual downloads in this format (not all banks allow QFX format file manual downloads), you should be able to select the time range of transactions you want downloaded. If Quicken doesn't import the downloaded file automatically you should be prompted by your browser to either open the file in a program (Quicken) or to save the file.  If you save the file on your computer you will need to go to where it is saved and right click on it to request that the file be opened with Quicken.
    Banks often limit each download to a limited date range so you might need to repeat this process more than once with different date ranges to get all of your 2019 transactions into Quicken.
    Note:  Doing this might cause your Quicken account current balance to be inaccurate.  If this happens, change your Opening Balance transaction in the register to 12/31/2018 and change the dollar amount of that transaction to show what your checking account balance was as of the end of the day on 12/31/2018.  Your Quicken account register should then have an accurate balance.  If it is still out of balance, look for any duplicate transactions that might be in your register and delete one of them.
    If your bank does not allow downloads in QFX format your only choices are to either manually enter all 2019 transactions or to live without those 2019 transactions being in your register.

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  • RickO
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    A couple of additional notes on the above:

    1. Quicken may force the newly imported QFX transactions into a new account. If so, that's okay. Once you have the older transactions in the new account, select them all in that register and then drag/drop them into the existing account in the sidebar. You can then delete the (now empty) new account.
    2. After importing the QFX transactions into the exiting account, be sure to check for and remove any duplicates that may have already been downloaded normally.

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