This should be obvious, but how do I enter a cash transaction?

This should be obvious, but how do I enter a cash transaction?

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    You have to create a register account dedicated to cash, representing whereever you hold your cash. You can create multiple ones to represent each place if you have more than one place, thought typically one should suffice.

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    I have two cash accounts, one for me and one for my wife. When we spend cash, I enter a transaction in the appropriate account, which allows me to apply a Category to the expense. (It's the same as you'd do if you wrote a check from your checking account, of made a purchase on a credit card.)

    Once you create a cash account, you'll also want to record cash withdrawals from your bank account as a Transfer into the cash account. Then you can reconcile your cash account by counting your cash on hand at any given times and adding an adjustment transaction for any cash you've spent but not recorded in Quicken.
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