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My subscription to Quicken for Mac expired on 2/6/20. I do noted anything the subscription provides me so I did not renew. However, now when I go into Quicken, there are Margins on the top and right side that want me to renew my subscription. These margins are anointing and make me widen my screen to see everything I need to see in my window for my accounts. How do I get rid of these annoying margins on top and the right side?

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    Although you can vote as suggested above, it's also worth noting that Quicken management has replied on that topic that they do not plan to change the reminder notices. In short: do vote if yo'd like to see them change it, but also don't expect that changes will be forthcoming anytime soon. 

    When Quicken originally announced they would move to subscriptions, they said that users would not be able to continue to use Quicken, except in read-only mode, if their subscription expired. Users howled and asked them to change, and they did. They now allow Quicken users (other than Starter Edition) to continue to use Quicken manually after their subscription requires, but they create the permanent reminder to renew on your screen. They really, really want users to remain on a subscription, but for users who don't want to, this is the compromise they agreed to.  
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