Upgraded to 2019 - want printed report with a line separating each transaction

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in my older quicken it would print a report with a line separating each transaction. Can I not do that in the 2019 version? I'm old and I need the lines

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  • Tom Young
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    What report are you referring to here?  I'd guess some type of register report, but that's not clear.
    When you refer to "a line separating each transaction" are you referring to a physical line of some sort --------------------------------------------------- or a blank line between each transaction?
    If you're referring to a transaction report for a register I don't remember any changes in this report over the years but I admit I seldom print that report.
  • splasher
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    Also, what version (year) of Quicken were you using?

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  • Jim_Harman
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    if you are looking for a blank line between transactions in a register report, try clicking on the gear at the top right of the register and selecting "Two line display." This will format both the register and the report to give more space between the transactions. Note this setting is a toggle and does not have a check mark to indicate that it is selected. Select it again to switch back to 1-line.

    For other reports, you can go to Edit > Preferences > Reports only and set the row spacing there. There is also a setting "Alternate row color" but it is not clear what it does. It does not make any difference on my B/W printer.
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  • volvogirl
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    I think there used to be a faint line on the reports that isn't there now.  Like maybe every 5th line?  You might have to copy the report to Excel and format the lines yourself.

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