Export and import should also cover layout and reports

After a recent issue where support had me export then import all my data into a new file, I lost ALL of my reports and ALL of my account layout. This is unacceptable. It took hours to get even half way back to where I was.

There needs to be a way to export reports (layout and settings) and account layout also needs to be exportable.

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    Exporting account and transaction data and then re-importing it sometimes is the only solution to a problem with some sort of file corruption, but I believe it should only be used as a last resort for the reasons you cite -- it results in the loss of a lot of configuration and customization. (I'm not sure if budgets are also lost, as well as attached documents.)

    For some users, re-creating a few reports and setting up their registers again is not a significant hurdle, but for others it is. From anecdotal reports on this forum, I think the Quicken Support people resort to this solution too easily/quickly at times, and I think they often don't explain what it entails to users before embarking down that path. It may provide a reasonably fast way for them to resolve the support call, but they don't have to pick up the pieces. 

    Because the export/import process was designed for moving data between Quicken Mac and Windows, none of the configuration like reports and registers is included since the platforms are so different in that regard. It's a good idea that this should be included, but it would likely require a ton of work to develop the programming to both export and import this information.
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