With the new subscription version is data still stored locally?

I am a current 2017 user being forced to upgrade to the new subscription version. I would like to understand if the subscription version is cloud based (like Quickbooks online) where you log in to a website and everything, including your data, is stored in the cloud? Or will the program and my data still be stored locally on my computer - I will just have to log in there somewhere to get it to work? Also wondering what other additional things do I have to sign up for? I saw BillPay mentioned in another post but it was unclear if that is required or not? Thank you for your help.

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  • Thank you so much Frankx. I had asked Quicken support and they were unwilling to answer my question without me giving them all sorts of personal information which was very disappointing. I appreciate your help. I see you are a Quicken H&B 2017 user. Me too. Are you upgrading to the subscription?
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    HI "@crunchymama",

    Yes I am upgrading and I've already purchased the subscription H&B from Sam's Club. I just want to get my current file in a little better order (still have year-end reconciliations to complete & want to do tax export) before I switch. 


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  • oh nice. thanks for that tip - and thanks for all of the information.
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