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Errors converting from Windows 10 (Quicken Premier 2017) to Mac Mojave (Quicken Premier 2020)

I just converted my Win10 Quicken Premier 2017 desktop to Mac Quicken Premier 2020 subscription. The conversion went smoothly but when I opened the data file I noticed a few issues - one severe. All the dates are the 8th of the month. Going back to 2011 (the start of the data), all transactions have been changed to the 8th of whatever month they were incurred. I can't update tens of thousands of records across dozens of accounts to fix this - nor do I have a Windows machine anymore to go back and even see what they were. How can I fix this?

I also noticed all my scheduled payments are gone. The calendar has no payments scheduled any longer. These were not auto-pay through Bill Payer, simply calendar reminders to pay bills. Any ideas on this one?

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