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John S
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I want to add the account number and phone number to my account report. I believe this is possible in Windows.

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  • John_in_NC
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    Which report exactly?

    The Accounts Summary report does not allow this. If you create a transaction report by account, you can only edit the header (Report Name) field to add a phone number or account number.
  • John S
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    Also, one can't export Account Summary to CSV, as one can with other reports. Dumb.
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    @John S  Account Summary is a holdover feature from the 2010-era Quicken Essentials code which formed the basis for the modern Quicken Mac. All the names reports in the bottom section of the Reports menu are these old reports. They offer varying levels of customizability (Account Summary offers none!), some can be exported and others (like Account Summary) can't, and there are data integrity issues with some (Category Summary). Over the past few years, the developers have been creating an all-new reports engine and user interface -- all the reports you can build with the "Create" options on the Reports menu -- which have much more configurability for users. Over time, all the old reports will be re-written using the new reports engine, but for now, the developers have left the old ones because there aren't yet new versions of all the reports available.
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