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How do I change a checking account from web connect to direct connect?

My CU does both (Hughes federal Credit Union [ your listing Hughes FCU WC-NEW]) but I can not seem to get it to change from web to direct.

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    Where did you get the info that your CU supports both?  And, is the full name "Baker Hughes Federal Credit Union" or Baker FCU?
    But, I don't see where either supports Direct Connect.
    Baker Hughes Federal Credit Unio    http://www.bhfcu.org/    N/A    https://www5.homecu.net/~bhfcu/mindex.html    ACTIVE                   BANKING,ACCOUNTINFO&EXP-WEB-CONNECT    NOT_QBP    NA
    Baker's FCU    http://bakersfcu.org/    N/A    https://www.cusa-hfs.com/hfs/svc/bakersfcu/account/summary.jsp    ACTIVE                   BANKING,ACCOUNTINFO&EXP-WEB-CONNECT    NOT_QBP    NA
    Ignore the above, I originally found the wrong CU.
    Hughes FCU DC -NEW    https://www.hughesfcu.org/    520-794-8341    https://www.hughesfcu.org/    ACTIVE BANKING, ACCOUNTINFO, PAYMENT&DIRECT                   NOT_QBP    NA

    Hughes FCU WC -New    http://www.hughesfcu.org    1-800-253-8245    http://www.hughesfcu.org    ACTIVE         BANKING,CREDIT&WEB-CONNECT              NOT_QBP    NA
    Based upon the above, you need to change the name that you're using for the CU.
    You MIGHT also need to contact the CU to "turn on" Direct Connect from their end ... and they MIGHT  have a monthly charge for using DC.

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  • plbersbachplbersbach Member ✭✭
    using the Hughes FCU DC -NEW one looks like it will work (WC= web connect DC= direct connect). But I have to get the CU to add the app to my accounts so I can approve the use. Right now that may take a while as we have this virus (medical) going around. Thanks for you help to all.
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