Paycheck splits are removed/cleared when Syncing with Cloud and includes 401k line item



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    Same issue here, following update to R30.19. Paycheck splits still lose transfers to my 401k and HSA and the balance in my checking account is grossly understated, while balances in HSA and 401k highly overstated by the cumulative total of each of the deleted transactions. This is odd, though, because I would expect the reverse to be true: if the 401k deduction from my paycheck was deleted, the net amount of the paycheck would be increased and the balance in my checking account therefore overstated. Validated the file following the sync and got several years' worth of "missing transfer accounts" in my paycheck transactions' transfers to my 401k and HSA.
    Until I hear otherwise that this issue has been fixed, I've once again turned off Cloud Sync and won't use Quicken Mobile or Quicken for the Web.

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