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I am transitioning from the "old" Quicken Billpay to the new QuickPay system, and generally like the new system. But with the "old" system I could schedule a future on-line payment to take place whenever I wanted it to, even if it was a one time payment. But it looks like Quick Pay can only execute a payment order when you enter it (i.e. more or less immediately). Is that correct, or have I missed something? I found that feature of the "old system" quite useful, as I could then enter all of my payments for the month in more or less "one sitting" (or as soon as I knew the amount of the payment due, even if it wasn't due for a month yet). Please advise if this capability still exist in Quicken (and if so, where/how)? Many thanks.

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  • gwwilliams3
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    I notice you say that Quick Pay cannot do this "yet". Do you have some reason to think that Quick Pay will have this capability (again) in the future? I hope so, as it was a useful feature, which I would hate to permanently loose. Of course I can do this thru other payment services, but they will not be fully integrated with Quicken (which is another useful feature that I would hate to loose). Thanks for the feedback, and any further thoughts that you may have on this. Much appreciated.
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    From the link that Sherlock posted:

    (I'm always using the latest Quicken Windows Premier subscription version)
    This is my website:
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    Great -- glad to hear it! Thanks!
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