After downloading transactions from my bank, I cannot see the new transactions in the register

Quicken Home, business & Rental Property 2020 Version R25.21, Build Windows version 1903 (OS build 18362.720). After Using One Step Update successfully, the onestep update screen shows receiving and requestion and the summary says 41 trnsactions downloaded, but they don't show up in the register. (they don't show up in any of my registers) In Preferences, Downloaded transactions, I have "Automatically add to banking registers" checked. I did uncheck and recheck that feature, but nothing changed, still can't see the downloaded transactions

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  • Quicken_Julio
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    Hi @sdsemler,

    Thanks for taking the time to post to our Community.

    I would like to gather some more information to better assist you:

    Which Financial Institution are your accounts with?

    What type of Connection Method are you using for this Financial Institution? You can find this by going to Tools Account List > account Edit Online Services > Connection Method is under Online Setup

    Do all accounts have the same Connection Method?

    Do receive any type of error codes with your One Step Update Summary?

    How long have you been experiencing this issue?

    How long before this issue have you been able to download transactions for?

    How long have you had this specific file for?

    Responding with this additional information will give us better insight with the issue and the next steps to take. Look forward to hearing from you.

  • sdsemler
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    Washington Federal Bank, Express Web Connect; no there are various connection methods with different banks/credit cards: Direct Connect (Yes Transaction Download), Improve connection (Yes transaction Download), Activate downloads (No Transaction Download). There are no error messages, in fact I got a successful message with the WAFED one step update

    Not sure how long I’ve had this problem. Didn’t really notice when. Perhaps since the last Quicken update to 2020 version which downloaded in Dec or Jan when I was getting ready to complete 2019 income tax? Don’t use Quicken as often as I should. I had a big push to get accounts up to date for 2019 income tax time in Jan & Feb. Then did end of year closeout, saving 2019 file, deleting 2019 records from data file and then starting new for 2020 tax year but with all the same accounts, categories, etc.

    I’ve had this data file for quite a while, saving it as a new name for each year
  • djdonn
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    The suggested steps in this link doesn't work.

    SOMETHING changed as this happened to me as well, probably a month ago.

    Any other suggestions?
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    Hello @djdonn

    Thank you for taking the time to come to the Community to post your question, however, this is an older post and less likely to receive an answer.

    I would suggest creating a new post for better visibility.

    Be sure to include a description of the issue, any error messages as well as the version of Quicken.

    The more information you can provide will help the Community to better understand and assist.

    Thank you,

    -Quicken Tyka

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