Receipt scanning

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It would be nice to have the Quicken app scan a receipt and pull the data from it to populate fields. I have a separate app that does this really well [Removed - Solicitation]. The features and concept of that app built into the quicken mobile app would be awesome.
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  • DebT
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    receipt scanning and processing has been needed for years! don't bother with mobile without this feature
  • NotACPA
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     Q Mobile can scan the receipt, and when downloaded into your desktop Q, that receipt can be attached to the transaction in Q ... but Q can't extract the info from that receipt.
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  • DanRay
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    Here, here, Receipt scanning would be great. [Removed - Solicitation]
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    Hello All,

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  • I would love to see this functionality added!
  • Zeke
    Zeke Member
    Adding receipt scanning with data extraction would be the one reason for me to use the mobile app. Until then its useless to me.
  • notasquick
    notasquick Member
    I've used Quicken for years and I have for years brought home handfuls of receipts to enter into Quicken. When I finally relented and went to subscription instead of old CD install versions I was hoping this would be one of the biggest benefits. Alas...
  • shibushaji
    shibushaji Member ✭✭
    I would love to have that feature as well. At the very least, have an option to keep a local mobile library where we can park the receipts. Typically, when you make a payment, it will take a couple of days to post and then some to sync into Quicken. Having an option to park the receipts right after purchase is valuable to users as they don't have to mix the receipt images with regular pictures.
  • JBunch66
    JBunch66 Member
    Definitely been looking for this feature for many years. Especially for large department stores when several items are purchased and many different categories are needed.
  • Marshalltx
    Marshalltx Member ✭✭
    The ability to scan a receipt immediately after a purchase with the mobile app and attaching it to a transaction later is imperative. I get piles and piles of paper receipts and occasionally some get lost. It's to the point that I will have to use another app to capture my receipts which defeats the purpose of having a mobile Q app. I love the desktop app but without this ability to at least capture and store the receipts to some sort of inbox first, the whole process of using this turns into a time suck.