Is Quicken Canadian for Mac the same as windows version

Is Quicken Canadian for Mac the same as windows version


  • John_in_NC
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    No. The Mac version of Quicken is a totally different program than the Windows version, regardless of Country.

    FYI: Quicken for Mac is a single program, with a presence to choose between Canada or US. The latter changes a few things like currency, default categories, Investment types, etc. 
  • Darran_AUS
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    With regards to Quicken for Mac Canada, are there any features that the Windows version has that the Mac version doesn't - or are they same features wise? I currently have a Mac that also has Parallels installed with Windows 10 so can use either version. Is there a recommendation of one over the other, and if so what would the reasons be. Thank you.
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    Hello @Darran_AUS

    Thank you for taking the time to visit the Community to report this issue, although I apologize that you have not received a response.

    As answered earlier in this thread, the Mac and Windows versions are both very different from each other regardless of the country.

    Is there a specific feature that you are needing that we can confirm whether or not it is available and in which version?

    Please let us know!

    -Quicken Tyka
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    NOGOGLO said:
    Is Quicken Canadian for Mac the same as windows version
    You are actually asking TWO questions.... and they have been answered above...
    Very simplistic answers...
    1 - Is Quicken Mac the same as the Quicken Windows version -
    Answer - NO - totally different platforms, totally different Quicken software
    2 - Is the Quicken Canadian version (Mac/Windows) the same as US versions -
    Answer - YES - except for currency, etc
    Lastly - the Windows version appears to have more of everything...

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  • Chris_QPW
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    Personally I don't think this question can be answered without knowing the user's use case, at least not "properly".

    Every different version has its pluses and minuses.

    Starting with the Mac version.  There is in fact only one set of code for the US/Canadian versions, with the difference being that depending on if you opt for the US or Canadian there are some settings that get changed (as to make the US version more "Canadian friendly"), but it is far from "totally Canadian" (as in you might find the support "weak").  And if I'm not mistaken you have to make that decision when you make your purchase.  You can't just flip it back and forth.

    Note that the US version already started out being able to download transactions from both US and Canadian financial institutions, so the "Canadian version" variation is quite "minor".  Also I don't believe that the Mac version has a tax planner, so right there what would really need to change for the Canadian version doesn't come up.  I believe there are tax reports though, so I don't know about such (I'm an Windows user).

    As for comparing the Mac version to the Windows version I think it would be safe to say at this point the Mac version is "approaching" the features set of the Windows Deluxe edition, but not quite there yet.  And the Mac Premier edition isn't kind of comparison to the Windows Premier version.  The Mac Premier edition only extra features over the Deluxe version is the "free bill pay" and premium support which is just going to the front of the waiting line.

    Which brings up the Mac Canadian version.  You will notice that there isn't a Premier version, because bill pay isn't supported in Canada.

    So that brings me to the Windows side.  A long time ago the US and Canadian versions were one program and you could decided which one you wanted during the install, but a long time ago they "branch off" the Canadian version.  And from time to time they merge changes from the US version into the Canadian version and also do bug fixes.  You will notice that the US version gets things first (sometimes the US users are "beta testers" for the Canadian users) and the Canadian version has a much slower release cycle, but when they get the changes it usually has all the changes up to that point.

    By far the best support for multiple currency is the Windows Canadian version.
    With the Windows US version coming in next, and the Mac versions US/Canadian picking up the tail end.

    Features wise between the Windows US and Canadian.
    On the Starter version, interesting enough the Canadian version supports regular non investment accounts, like checking, savings, credit cards, loans, and I believe even investment accounts.

    For the US Starter version it only supports bank accounts and credit card accounts, no loans or investment accounts.

    I would say that the Deluxe versions of the Windows US and Canadian are about the closest of all the products in feature set, with the Canadian having the edge in multiple currency support, and the US version having the ability for bill pay.

    When you get to the Premier versions it use to be quite close in the sense that the Premier version over the Deluxe has some more investment/tax reporting.  But these days the US version of Premier has picked up a few more online features that the Canadian version doesn't have.  Bill Pay, Mornings Start X-Ray Portfolio, Zillow house estimates, ...

    And then there is Home and Business version, which only the Windows versions have.  I don't know a lot about the Home and Business versions, but from what I gather the Canadian version has pretty much the same feature set, with one exception because of a pretty recent change.

    I believe the highest Canadian edition has always been Home & Business.  But in the case of the US editions there was also a Rental Property edition which had everything in Home & Business and below plus features for Rental Properties.   A year or two ago Quicken Inc decided to merge the two editions and instead now it is really the Home & Business & Rental Properties edition.  I might be wrong about the Canadian version never having a rental properties edition and if that is the case then they would basically have the same features, with the exception of all the online services that were picked up in the US Premier version (these services are US only).
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    Oh an I will mention something else.  The conversion from a Windows data file to a Mac data file is pretty good (up to what it supports).  But if you try to convert from a Mac data file to a Windows data file you will lose all the investment transactions.

    And needless to say, it is a "conversion" there is no way that you would be able to transfer them back and forth at will.
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    Oh and one more thing.  Even though the Windows version wins for features, some of the Mac users that have changed/used the Windows version have commented on the fact that the Mac version is more "modern" having features like drag and drop for some things, where the Windows version doesn't have such.  And that it does a much better job of Windows scaling on high resolution screens.
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    Based on this thread:

    I get the impression that no matter what is selected by the subscription Canadian/US, the Mac version allows the user to switch between them in the program.

    This is not the same in the Windows version.  Also in the Mac version both the US and Canadian financial institutions are supported, but in the Windows version there is only support for the financial institutions in the country of the subscription.
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