How can I prevent my data appearing on the Internet?

I was forced to give up Quicken 17 and installed a membership today; however, it tells me I can access my Quickon online on any computer. I do not feel at all comfortable with the idea that it might be accessible if someone gets my passwords. I do not want my data backed up on the Cloud but do it myself onto my own media at home. How can I prevent Quicken access online? Sorry to sound so paranoid but this why I have resisted any membership.


  • MargieLH
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    Hi Pam, when you install the software it will ask you if you want to access via the mobile app. If this is what you are refering to then they give you an option to chose it or not. I don't use the mobile and it works great.
  • Pam Cubberly
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    Thanks, Margie. I was mainly concerned that Quicken listed the ability to access your Quicken on any computer. I only want Quicken to appear on one of my computers. But I haven't found a way to opt on on that option. I want to make sure that no one who gets my password can access my data online. Other ideas, folks?
  • Pam Cubberly
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    I meant "opt out" of that option...
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    Most likely you have already "opted out".  To check go to the "Mobile & Web" tab (you might have to turn it on with the View -> Tabs to show.

    If you see this:

    Then your data isn't being synced to the "Quicken Cloud" and as such isn't "available from any computer".
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    "Quicken online on any computer" is the ability to sync some of your accounts to the Quicken Cloud Account and then view them via a browser using a Quicken webpage (
    This is all optional and is not required.  You have to turn on the "mobile" features for this to work and if you don't, it will not be there.

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    Unless you specifically opted in for Mobile and Web service, none of your sensitive personal data is save on the web.  You can verify your current status by going to Edit > Preferences > Quicken ID, Sync & Alerts.  If you see "Get Started" under "Mobile and Web" it means you did not opt in

    If you use ANY online services, however, including OSU, you will have a Cloud Account.  This is necessary to provide you with those online services.  But unless you opted in for Mobile and Web, there will be no sensitive personal information saved there.  You can verify this by clicking on Cloud Accounts and look for "Last Sync".  It will show "Never" if Mobile and Web were not set up.

    Note:  At the bottom of this last picture it shows that there are 4 cloud accounts set up.  That is because I have 4 different Quicken files.  If you have only one Quicken file it should show only 1 cloud account.

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