add a link: "report a bug"

Most application support site have a clearly marked link for bug reporting. I have search this site over and cannot find one. The subscription model is buggy, I am dealing with two right now and don't know to report them. I understand that phone support is limited due to the virus; waited 35 minutes and no answer. If bug reporting was made easier it would be very nice.
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This request is already available in Quicken by going to the Help menu > Report a Problem


  • Sherlock
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    To report a Quicken problem to Quicken, I suggest you select Help > Report a problem...
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    Concur with @Sherlock

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  • jacobs
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    The advantage of them having problems reported from within the program is that you can enclose various log files or in some cases, a copy of your data file cleared of all identifiable information. (Plus it validates that the report is from a bona fide user, and it automatically captures things like operating system and Quicken version number and customer contact information if they need to follow up.)

    Now the darker side… probably 90-05% of the time someone cries "bug!" it turns out not to be an actual bug. If they had these reports on a forum like this, they'd need to devote members of their team to back-and-forth with people reporting problems, many of whom should be dealing with Quicken Support to sort out their issue. By making bug submissions one-way communication via the app, users have the opportunity to report a problem, and they can quickly check it out to see if they can replicate it; if yes, it gets in their bug database for the developers, and if not, it gets tossed. It's faster and more efficient for them; it stinks as a customer not to get feedback/follow-up. (But it's the way most software developers work.)
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