Web Sync Caused multiple issues

I have been long time user of quicken, going back to the 90's.

I can't belive that QUICKEN has not been able to resolve this issue. It has been reported for years. See on of the posts from 2018.

I had this issue again after trying to Sync to the WEB Quicken. I was hoping to use the update web features, but after setting up the syncing to the WEB, I had multiple paychecks that were either duplicated, some were deleted and all of them lost the transfers to various accounts.

I had to restore my quicken file from a backup as this caused a hug issue with reconciling my various accounts.

Do I need to have my current Online Quicken records deleted an try syncing again? How do I do this?

Does WEB Quicken file not like transfers to accounts that are not synced on WEB? I do transfer funds to various accounts 401K, HSA, etc that are not synced to the WEB.

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