Increase maximum number of securities from 2000 to next level

Please open up one more bit to increase the limit 8 fold - some of us have 30 years of data in quicken and are running against the 2000 securities limit. Thanks.
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    Until the programmers find a way to implement your request please review this relatively new feature: Archive Investment Transactions.
    It might make it possible to lighten the load on your active investment account(s).
    Whatever you do, please be sure to have or create a backup of your Quicken data file before you get started and/or work with a copy of your data file until you are sure the results are good.

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    It is not clear to me what the current situation is for the historical "2000 trackable security" limit.  To my knowledge, no one has ever defined 'trackable'. 

    The subscription program validation routines now make reference to 5000.  "Normal security references (up to 5000)"  No one has clarified if that replaces the 2000 limit or has some other meaning or is even a limit. 

    Several users have cited their files as having significantly more than 2000 securities in the database. 

    All in all, very much is unknown.      
  • Would someone please clarify this limit? After 25 years of using Quicken, I have 1950 securities and don't want the program to freeze.