Portfolio view income suggestion - Add Dividend, Interest, and Yield columns (Q Mac)

Mike Kozlow
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I was a stock broker for 40 years and I always prepared portfolio reviews that had two columns that are missing in QMac, they were the stated dividend for the stock and the current yield. The yield is based on the current stock price and the annualized dividend. That information its available if I click on the stock. It takes me to a research window and the last line of data is the dividend and yield. I think QMac should not require the sidestep to get the info.

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  • Robert87
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    I would like to add an income column for dividends and interest received, so one is able to get an accurate total return colum of the stocks performance.
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    Hello All,

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  • Robert Searl
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    Many people are using investments for income, and some of that income is from dividends instead of growth. I would definitely like to see the dividend and the yield based on current stock price shown on the portfolio report.

  • Jose
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    In Portfolio View, go to Options (top right) and Select "Customize Current View." You can add the information you are looking for in a column.

  • hank3
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    i vote for income and dividend columns. Yes.

  • MauryJ
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    I’d like to see it as well. Reports are overly biased toward spending will very few analytical oriented investment reports