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Asking forgiveness in advance for what may be a really stupid question -- but I have 2 money market funds in my brokerage account. I am earning "dividends" on these funds - it gets reinvested. But the investment account "recent performance" view shows that these funds have $0 gains. But they ARE earning $. Where can I see at what rate they're earning?

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    In the Investing tab, Portfolio view, customize the view to show the Dividend Yield column.  If the money market fund is a publicly traded fund tracked by Quicken's quote provider, it should show the current yield in that column.

    You are correct that they are not gains but they do represent earnings.  If you enter the yield in percent divided by 100 into the Security Details, Other Info, Est. Income, Quicken will calculate the estimated annual income based on the number of shares you hold.  You can also add that column to the Investment tab view to get an estimate of the annual earnings.  If you do that for all of your holdings, you will see the total of all earnings from your holdings.
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    You can also include the average annual return (IRR) column for 1 year , in the portfolio view of the investing tab.
    investment performance report also works. 
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    @EmKay - Two other places you might want to look into are the Investment Performance and Investment Income reports.  Play around with the customizatons of these reports to get them to show you what you want to see.  When you get them customized to your liking you can either save the report or save the report under a different name so that it saves your customization for the next time you want to pull up the report.
    For the purpose you describe in this thread, I use these reports far more than Portfolio view.  IMO they provide much more detail, comprehensive and useful information.

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    I suggest using a customized Investment Performance report: Select Reports > Investing > Investment Performance and Security in the Subtotal by: pull-down menu
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    Also a recent improvement to Quicken lets you enter 4 decimal places in the Est. Income, so for example if a money market fund is paying 1.23% interest, you can enter .0123 and it will calculate the estimated income correctly. Previously you were limited to 2 places so you had to decide between 1% and 2%.

    Thanks, Quicken!
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    Thanks everyone. I always forget about the existence of the Portfolio View. That helps. And I use the reports a lot, so I'll check that suggestion out, too. Appreciate it!

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