Barclay's Advantage Aviator Credit Card Quicken Account not agreeing with web site

I saw this question was active & closed last year. I've just had the same problem but I have a different solution to the problem. The Aviator Statement has 2 dates - Transaction & Posting Date in the heading. I'm embarrassed to say that I have stupidly use the Transaction Date that causes sequence & reconcile problems. I don't know how this happened since I normally download the transactions where the dates posted are use. When i downloaded again, I only downloaded according to the monthly statement dates and then reconciled the monthly transactions. This worked!! Anyone else out there that's as stupid as me?


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    I have an AA Mastercard also.  And, for ALL of my cards, I record the Transaction date in Q.
    The Posting date will be downloaded from Barclay's when I do the download.
    SO, in that brief period between transaction and posting, Q won't agree with the website ... but why is that an issue?
    When you write a check, and record it in Q, your bank account disagrees with the bank's website also.  Why is this any different?

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    Hmm, are you saying that you reconcile to the "statement balance" (not the online balance) and have been using the last transaction date instead of the last posting date?

    That certainly would cause reconcile problems since Quicken does use the posting date in each transaction if it was downloaded, and ignores the date that the user puts in for the transaction.
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    My Aviator "Statement" has two dates on it. Somehow I mistakenly I used the "Transaction Date" and not the "Posting Date." I don't remember how I created this problem. The only thing that comes to mind is that I could have manually entered the transactions from the statement because I was frustrated since I couldn't do downloads from Barclays. I had several connectivity problems with Barclays overtime including today!! See attachment below!! Never had this problem before. BTW, I'm been using Quicken since the early 80s, MS-DOS, and never had problems until the recent management change!! I'm 78!

    What happened? During the last online session, Quicken encountered an online error [CC-898].

    What does that mean? Quicken is unable to update your account due to an unexpected error. Please try again later. If the issue persists, contact Quicken Support.
    What do I do now? Wait and try again later

    The simplest solution is to wait a day and update your accounts again.
    If you can't wait to update your account
    Log in to the Barclays Bank Delaware website.
    Navigate to the download page and click download to Quicken.
    Follow the on-screen prompts to update your accounts.
    Check periodically to see if the issue is resolved
    Open your account register, click the Account Actions gear icon, and choose Update Now.
    If the update is not successful, try again the next business day. If the problem persists for more than three business days, contact Quicken Support for assistance.

    Visit the Quicken Support website for FAQs and to contact support.
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    I got a CC-898 on my AA Mastercard this morning also.  Ran "Update Now" from within the account and got the same result.
    Contacted Q Support and she had me take a backup (probably just a precaution) and run "Update Now" again.
    Problem went away on both AA account and another account.
    Just an intermittent glitch.
    And Intuit spun-off Quicken over 4 years ago ...  so your "management change" issue is a false lead.

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