How to use a QM 2007 file in QM 2017

I still like QM 2007 better than the newer versions but have been running QM 2017 alongside it against the day that a MacOS upgrade won't run 2007 anymore. Using both versions means entering each transaction twice but finding errors in 2007 is relatively easy, in 2017 not so much.

Several of my 2017 accounts no longer agree with the 2007 versions. I tried to open a 2007 data file in 2017 (File-> Open->[most recent 2007 file] so that the two versions would be the same again, but I wound up with duplicates of every account in 2017. E.g. Cash and Cash2.

Is there a way to force 2017 to use the current 2007 file without the duplication and make it the default 2017 file going forward? Or should I just abandon Q2017 for now until a new OS forces me to use it. (I'm currently using Sierra and I know 2007 will still run under High Sierra.)

Any suggestions/solutions will be much appreciated.

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    Thank you, that worked! I'm going to write it down so I don't forget.

    Two things I don't like about QM 2017: not being able to see previous reconciliations of accounts, and the way it creates reports. I do both of those frequently and almost always have problems with 2017 that I don't have in 2007. When the program was overhauled (10 years ago?) it seemed to me to be more about a sexier interface that about usability. I use the program every day, both for personal bookkeeping and for our small business, but I don't need to connect to online accounts, etc. I just want a reliable way to keep track of our money and QM 2007 does the job with no frills.

    But I appreciate your suggestion about giving the current version a try - it might just surprise me :)
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    Meanwhile, you can add your VOTE to Track/store Prior Reconciled Statements/periods.

    , click on the underlined link above to go there, then click the little grey triangle under the VOTE count at the top of page 1 in the blue banner, so your vote will count for THIS feature and increase its visibility to the developers by seeking to have the features you need or desire end up in the latest version (it may take a moment for your vote to register).
    (If the triangle is black, your vote has already been counted.)

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    @MaryRB  Reports is one area where there's seen significant progress since the 2017 version. There are still some things you could do in Quicken 2007 reports that you can't do in the modern Quicken Mac, but there are many fewer gaps than was the case with Quicken 2017.
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