My Portfolio report is missing. How do I recover without losing recent transactions?

I have used this report for nearly 20 years to track investments and today when i try to open it, I get a dialogue box to create a new report. How do I get the original report back without losing recent transaction entries?


  • Frankx
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    Hi @Howard Prior,

    Can you tell us which versions and builds of both Quicken & Windows you are using?

    In Quicken - go to "Help" > then "About Quicken"

    In Windows - type "system info" in the Search box > the click on the "system Information" icon



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  • Jim_Harman
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    And did you upgrade from an older version of Quicken since the last time you ran the report successfully?
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  • Quicken is 2020, R27.24, Build
    Windows is 10.0.18362, build 18362
  • Jim_Harman
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    Are you perhaps running the Starter edition of Quicken? That does not include investing reports.
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  • No, I am using Quicken Premier. Have been using it for over 20 years and always had this report. It had worked recently, and now it just disappeared.
  • Bob_L
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    I am not following why you think transactions would be lost if you just created a new report.  Regardless, have you tried to restore a backup to see if that helps?
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  • I expect to lose transactions, IF i do a restore from older backup. I did do a restore from an older backup and had the same problem which leads me to believe that it might be a program glitch not a corrupted file issue.
  • Bob_L
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    Creating a new report didn't help?
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  • I have not tried that, but I will. I guess i'm just not very confident that I will have all the historical data that I once had.
  • NotACPA
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    @Howard Prior  Can  we please clarify something?
    Are you talking about a Report (accessed via the Reports menu and then clicking Investing (or, perhaps, clicking "My Saved Reports and Graphs")?
    OR, are you talking about the "Portfolio View", accessed via the Investing Menu and then clicking on Portfolio (OR, it's CTRL-U  shortcut).
    Because if you're talking about the Report ... transactions are NOT stored in the report ...  they're stored in your various investment accounts and the report merely pulls info from those accounts.
    AND, the Portfolio View, likewise,  merely pulls  from the Investment accounts.
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  • what I lost was a "saved report", but what I appear to get now when clicking on my "Portfolio" Icon is a redirect to Investing menu. The saved transactions I was worried about losing are in other accounts like bank statements and credit cards, should I have to do a restore. I have opened all the "portfolio" reports in my saved report lists and none of them match the report I had used for years.
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