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Hello - I am a very long term Quicken user; 1994 to be exact. I just rebuilt a CLEAN NEW file because of corruption in my file which occurred in the last 2 years. I have never had an issue in the past 24. Regardless, I want some reports off of my older FILE and I open a 2016 Backup and Quicken is asking for my Quicken credential to open and present the data. 1) I don't want this file to potentially corrupt my new file as I spent hour rebuilding it. and 2) It's my data, the file should just OPEN. All I need is reports for prior year and I can't get them. Additionally, I can't ask a question anywhere but this section, which assumes I am contemplating a purchase. I have spent about $3000 on Quicken software faithfully upgrading annually because I work in the industry. How do propose I open this 2016 file? I don't want to waste a lot of time on support this data request. Thank you ~


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    Hello @Jim H,

    Thank you for reaching out to the Community with your question.

    Quicken prompts users to sign in each time there is a new file or backup file is opened solely for verification of your active subscription as each file operates separately from other data files and do not communicate with each other. Therefore, opening the backup file will not interfere or corrupt your new file.

    I hope this helps and let us know if you have any additional questions!
    -Quicken Anja
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    What version are you currently running .... Help --> About Quicken
    first question anyone "in the industry" would ask.
    1 - If you have a Q2016 backup - you can restore that to a New & Different file -
    and not overlay your current New file... the prompt is displayed -
    better to also be safe and take a backup of your current/new Q file
    2 - It should just open.... well... yeah, as was answered in Anja posting
    3 - Not sure where your original posting was created, but I think even new users have full access to the forum - and can post into any area or sub-section.
    Lastly - Quicken is a fragile program, and tends to break or corrupt it's own data file.
    That is why it is always a good idea to make frequent backups and validate the data.
    ... File --> Backup & Restore -->
    ...File --> File Operations --> Validate & Repair --> checkmark VALIDATE

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    Anja- Data Access Guarantee? Why do I need to sign into Quicken to open a four year old file as is dated by the operating system? The APP appears to be holding data hostage. I logged into Quicken, using a 2018 back up, with a different user name and immediately the program says syncing online and mobile with my account. I don't want this to be default behavior; it is nerve wracking. I just want to open the file and open reports/export csv files. @ps56K - 26 years a Quicken user as identified in the original post... The program is not that delicate and I do backup/validate frequently.... thanks for the tip :-)
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    Here is a support article that explains Data Access Guarantee.

    The reason why signing in is required to verify your active subscription is because without an active subscription users are unable to create new data files. When restoring a backup that was created from a previous version, the software needs to convert the backup file and copy the data stored in it into a new data file, which is why the sign-in screen is prompted. 

    As for syncing to the cloud, after signing in, you should receive a screen asking you if you want to sync to the cloud. On this screen, you can opt-out by choosing the option Don't use mobile and web. Alternatively, you can also turn sync off by going to Edit > Preferences... > Mobile & Web > Turn Sync OFF.

    You can also review this support article to better understand the Quicken Cloud service as it is commonly mistaken for and does not function the same as other cloud-based backup services.
    -Quicken Anja
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    Hello - This file had a Quicken credential which was a "user name" instead of an "email." I had to change the file association and then was presented and option to NOT SYNC. So far, so good...
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    On a side note. I am opening all of my older files. All data is gone from before 2016. It's like a black hole.
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    Hi @""Jim H" ,

    The Reports that you want to use, is based on the Data that exists within the data folder, itself. Yes, you have saved reports, but each time you open the Report, it is based on the information, within the data file.


    If you have more than one computer or dual-boot your computers, you could simply use the older versions of Quicken, for access to your older data files, from that partition.

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