I have never run Year End.

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Windows... R28.16 build 27.28.16
I have transactional data going back 20 years. I have never executed a year end file data archive. I am diligent about daily backups. I would like to hear some comments about this. Not had any problems. Just wondering what some in the community think about this. Thanks


  • Chris_QPW
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    The only time I have ever run Year End Copy is to test it because some people claim (usually wrong because they don't understand how it works) that it doesn't work.

    I have never used it for my personal data file, and I would venture to say none of the Super Users that answer questions on here use it either.
    (I'm always using the latest Quicken Windows Premier subscription version)
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    I am also a user with 26 years of data! that year end function was quite valuable many years ago when hard drives were much smaller and processors were much slower.  Up until 2000, I would create a year end file each year so that the file would run quicker in quicken and i had enough room on my harddrive (probably more the former than the latter as i recall).   With today's computer power and the size of hard drives, I don't see that the function has value anymore.  My quicken file is 250mg and my processor is powerful enough that it simply is not an issue.

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    Not doing the Year End Copy is one of the smartest things you have done in Quicken.  I look at my data file going back to 1996 as a diary of things that have happened and several times a year end up searching for when I bought or donated something.
    Yes, I wrote the YEC FAQ, but that was to document the ins and outs of it when users complained that it did not work as expected.  I only run YEC for testing like Chris_QPW.
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    I have data going back to 1991 in my file.  Would not consider using YEC, since I occasionally want to look up an old record from a not clearly recognized year or time frame.  Never have had a problem associated with my complete file - now at 166 MB. 

    FWIW:  I am not sure if this is the post @splasher referred to.  It dates back to 2012, but I suspect the principles expressed are still applicable.
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