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Support for International Stock symbols

I’d like to use Quicken to track international stocks trading on exchanges outside of the US and Canada.
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  • enterfornoneenterfornone Member ✭✭
    Even Excel supports stock price download for international stocks. For free. It's borderline embarrassing that we need to submit "ideas" for that in a dedicated "investment tracking" solution.
    Any investor above a mom-and-pop level diversifies also geographically.
    Someone at Quicken took the bad decision to save on price updates on the back of the paying users. Please make it right and deliver the investment tracking you promise in your advertising.
  • Chris_QPWChris_QPW Member ✭✭✭✭
    Even Excel supports stock price download for international stocks. For free. 
    It isn't free, people pay for Excel.  Every business decides what features they want to support and how to charge for those feature so they make a profit.

    You can certainly find "fee quotes" all over the place, but first off most of them you pay for them by looking at ads.  What's more a business can't get these quote feeds for free.  Quicken Inc pays for the third part quote service.  And I'm sure they could pay to have the International feed too, but that will add to the cost. And Quicken Inc has to justify that cost not only for them, but for their customers.  There is exactly 3 votes for this idea.  Doesn't really sound like what you describe as a feature that every Quicken customer wants.  Most Quicken customers most likely get any foreign securities either in a fund (this is the most likely) that is list in the US or the prices come from their brokers.

    What's more there are added complications.  There isn't just "the US" and then "International".  There are a ton of exchanges out there.  And so one of first question even to start to think about such support would be to decide on what exchanges people asking for this would want.  With three votes that might be 1 vote per exchange.  Or more likely 1 vote for multiple exchanges, each with a cost.

    What's more there isn't good standard on the "tickers" and as such a system has to be made up and supported in Quicken that makes sure it knows what exchange any given security symbol is for.
    (I'm using the latest Quicken subscription version)
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