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I just bought quicken in 2019. I am trying to do a more expanded budget overview. Is there a way for me to download financial transactions and records that extend back to 2017? I tried typing in a 2017 date range, but it only gave me 2019 records.

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  • jacobs
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    Quicken has no control over how far back each of your financial institutions will provide data. But for most financial institutions, 90 days is the typical period for downloads directly into Quicken. Some may allow older transactions in a file you download to your computer, and if they provide that in Quicken's QFX format, then you can upload it into Quicken -- but that's two significant if's there that depend on each financial institution. 
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  • RickO
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    One additional note on downloading a QFX of older transactions (if your bank lets you do that)... It is probably easiest if you let it create a new account for the QFX import. Then select and drag and drop the non-duplicate transactions from this new (temporary) account to the existing account in the sidebar. When done, delete the temporary account.
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