Will Quicken ever have an asset allocation type of Mid-Cap ?

I've used Quicken for Window since 2005 and I ask this question every year and have never been given a definitive answer. Will any version of Quicken Personal Finance Manager ever allow for an asset allocation type of Mid-Cap, in addition to Large and Small Caps?

Mr Dunn, as a loyal subsciber, I ask, isn't 15 years long enough to wait ?


  • gtamm
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    I agree, as Large and Small is not the normal taxonomy for investing. I also believe that the projected returns are intended to be "Real Rate of Return", after inflation, as having Large Cap at 7% seems very low if inflation isn't already included.
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    We're other users and have no way of answering a "will.. ever" type of question.
    IF such an enhancement is in the works, the developers and testers have signed a "Non-Disclosure" agreement ... and they can't say either.
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    Note that if you have Quicken Premier or higher, you can use the Portfolio X-Ray tool to see your asset allocations, and this includes all 9 of the Morningstar asset classes.

    One down side of this is that it only works with publicly traded securities that are in Morningstar's database. There is no way to set the asset classes for other securities.
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