Upgraded from Mac Quicken 2007 to 2019 and have a quick question about a report


Just looking for a simple report like the one in Mac Quicken 2007 called "Category Detail Report", where you can enter criteria for the memo column then run the report sorted by expenses. I can't seem to find a summary report that will let you enter any criteria before you run the report. Just looking to sum the categories for a certain memo field, which are actually property address house numbers, so I can break down expenses like rent, repairs, etc., for the year.

I can use the search box on the memo field in the transaction register list, but that doesn't allow anything to sum (as far as I can tell).


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  • John_in_NC
    John_in_NC SuperUser, Mac Beta Beta
    If you search by memo and select the transactions, you will see the sum/transaction count upper right

    You can select multiple accounts via account groupings (or All Transactions) to search across multiple accounts at once.

    Also, using Tags for the various properties would be ideal here. That way you could run a report by Tag.
  • RickO
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    Adding a couple things to what John said:

    1) After you filter the register by memo, you can generate a report by transaction or category using menu File > Print. This report will show the total. You can also export the filtered register (menu File > Export > Register Transaction to CSV File) which will give you the ability to further manipulate it in Excel or Numbers.

    2) As long as they aren't split transactions, it would be pretty easy to change over from using the memo field to using tags:
    • Filter the register by the memo
    • Select all transactions (menu Edit > Select All)
    • Open Transaction Info (menu File > Get Info)
    • Enter the property house number as a tag in the Tag file
    • If other tags are already used, check Add to Existing Tags
    • Clear the Memo field (if you wish all these transaction's memos blanked)
    • Click OK

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  • johnk2020
    Thanks everyone for the help. I'll try this stuff tonight.
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