Bill Manager Lacks a Major Feature Bill Pay had: Ability to make payments to auto-pay credit cards

I have my credit cards set to auto-pay the minimum due each month. This is a safety measure in case I forgot to manually make the full payment on my own. I DO NOT want to auto-pay the full balance. I want to decide what I pay each month, but still want the auto-pay for the minimum payment safeguard.

The new Quicken Bill Manager will not allow manual payments to be made if a credit card is set to auto-pay, giving this message: "This payment cannot be made because the bill is on auto-pay at the biller website"

Quicken should NOT limit its users from making as many payments as they want, even if a card is on auto-pay. This is a decline in service as compared to Quicken Bill Pay. I figured Quicken would be making improvements to the QBM service over the first few months, but they haven't fixed this. I reported it to Support a few months ago, but still no change.

Is there a list of similar complaints and a way for customers to vote on new features needed (or in this case, old features now lacking)?



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