Quicken one step update creates bank checking account one has been already created.

When I use one step update Quicken creates accounts for checking and two credit cards. These accounts have been already created before. Thus, my overall balances are not correct. What is the best way to remedy this situation? For example, delete the online accounts created by Quicken or no longer use the accounts that I have created and use an adjusting entry to zero out the balances. Tried to contact Quicken since I am already paying for that support service but was unable to receive any further contact info. Wonderful to pay for something that is not available. Note using the Canadian deluxe Quicken version.

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  • Gary Z
    Gary Z Member ✭✭
    Hello Anja,
    Thank you for the prompt reply to my question. I used the steps you listed, and the problem appears solved. I will need to give the changes some time and see if the one step update works without recreating these extra accounts. I have used Quicken Canadian versions for many years and have a large group of accounts and several that are no longer in use. Thanks for your assistance with this problem.
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