Ability to utilize the minimum payment amount instead of full balance of credit cards

On the 'Bills & Income' > 'Bills' tab, only the full payoff amount for credit cards is shown in the Mac version. I can't seem to find an option to adjust this so only the minimum payment due is considered. This seems to be a pretty significant problem for anyone who maintains a running balance.

Difficult to quickly budget cash requirements (I know this can be seen under 'Actions' > [ellipsis menu] > 'Edit Details' > 'Min Balance Due' but the point of the report is to be an overview)
Wrong amounts for the scheduled transactions in associated checking accounts make it difficult to plan ahead and erodes trust in balance projections.

A credit card set up under 'Bills & Income' has a $10,000 balance and a $300 minimum payment due. All that can be seen (without clicking through to details) is that $10,000 is "Due in 6 days" (which isn't really true). In addition, the scheduled payment shows up on the attached checking account as a projected payment of $10,000 (instead of the minimum $300). If you have $1,000 in this checking account, the scheduled credit card payment gives you a projected balance of negative $9,000. This makes it impossible to gauge how much disposable cash you might have over the next few weeks.

This seems like it has been an open issue in the community forums for at least two years.

The Windows version does allow selecting between paying the balance or the minimum.

Can we get this added to the Mac version? :(

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