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I'm on Quicken Premier Windows 29.12 (Build and everytime I do a one step update my reminders are all reset. (That is, dismissed reminders reappear.)

Has anyone else seen this? is there something I should be doing differently?


  • Mark Coil
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    Quicken for Windows R29.12

    The attached screen shot shows my projected balance on the Home page and my Bill and income reminders. The popup dialog for the daily balance shows the correct opening balance, but then shows a huge overdue Bills or Income (-$12,663.71), which should be 0. As can be seen in the Bill and Income reminder window below, there is only 1 overdue reminder, for a different account, for a far less value. Where does this number come from?

    FYI I have just Validated the file.
  • UKR
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    Are there any other overdue reminders which transfer money to this account?
    Any past due Savings Goals, perhaps?

  • Yes - reminders are all being reset to the local Quicken instance to what is in the cloud. Something is clearly broken here in the cloud side - as it is pushing these older transactions in the cloud onto the local instance and erasing any changes done locally. I have noticed this in the last few days.
  • Stevenad1954
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    edited September 2020
    When I update my accounts, the same 23 bills/deposits dating back to June 2020 show in my checking account. I have deleted them, entered them as zero, entered them and deleted the original. They keep coming back. Suggestions?
  • blyons3
    blyons3 Member

    My paycheck keeps changing. I have adjusted it and the balance is correct. However, when I perform a One Step Update, the old automatic Income Reminder automatically gets reloaded into my checking account throwing the balance off by the cumulative amount of several old paychecks.

    I have tried all variations of the following:
    Ignore all overdue reminders for this payee
    Edit all instances of this payee and then delete
    Delete all instances of this reminder

    The fixes apply and the register comes into balance. However, as soon as I perform another Cloud Sync, the Income Reminders are auto entered into the Check Register throwing the balance off again. Online balances via phone/iPad are also in error. (probably expected status). I would love to find a way to remove the old Income reminder for the paycheck via delete. Sync, and then have the online register not see the old (deleted) income reminder.

    It does not matter which approach I take - the reminders return on a Cloud Sync/Update.

    This is for Quicken - Deluxe Year 2020 Version R29.12 Build
  • Same situation here. It started after the next to last update last week.
  • tbclark3
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    I am seeing the same thing, and it's really annoying to have to dismiss close to a year's worth of reminders every time I sync.
  • Paul Smith2
    Paul Smith2 Member ✭✭✭
    Today I went to review my main checking account for the upcoming month of October. The check register never goes negative. However if I go the "Bills and Income Reminders" tab and display the graph for this same checking account, there is suddenly a big negative balance which appears on a date where there is zero transactions in that listing. Obviously, something is wrong here.

    I recently went through and "Validated and repaired" my data file. This did not change or impact this problem.

    Does anyone have suggestions on how to fix this?

    W10 laptop, up to date ... Quicken R29.12 .. longtime Quicken user
  • The temp fix i found (until Quicken gets this fixed) is to go online in the app " (in the cloud with a web browser ) and login to your account and reset the billing reminders there - assigning proper dates.
  • Quicken_Tyka
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    Hello @Paul Smith2

    Thank you for taking the time to visit the Community to post your question, although I apologize that you have not received a response.

    Are you able to see my discrepancies on the graph that could explain this negative amount?

    If not, can you please capture a screenshot of the issue so that others may attempt to spot the issue.

    Alternatively, you may contact support directly for a screen sharing session to help isolate the issue.

    Please let me know

    -Quicken Tyka

  • UKR
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    Are there any Scheduled Reminders, including overdue or otherwise neglected ones, which transfer money to/from another account into/out of the checking account? Transfer to/from Savings? Savings Goals? Paid off loan, yet reminders still exist as overdue?
    To help find the issue, in your checking account register set the option to show future reminders in your register as if they were real transactions already to "Next xx days". See if that shows the culprit.

  • Paul Smith2
    Paul Smith2 Member ✭✭✭
    Thanks for the suggestion. I already show reminders for the next 30 days and there are none in the time period that problems occur.
  • Paul Smith2
    Paul Smith2 Member ✭✭✭
    Thanks for responding to my inquiry. I've attached a screen shot of the offending problem. You will note in the graphical display a big reduction in the balance of the checking account on 10/10. You will also note in the listing above that there is are 3 entries for 10/10, one for $78.34, another for $169.74 and a final for $171.07 .. totaling $419.15. The graph depicts the balance as $4935.77 on the day before (10/9) -- which squares with the check register. Subtracting $419 from $4935 cannot explain why the balance on 10/10 is down to $254!

    From a practical point of view, I use this screen to decide how much $ to transfer into the checking account on a monthly basis. Obviously the graph is useless for that purpose without fixing this problem.

  • Mark Coil
    Mark Coil Member ✭✭
    If there were overdue reminders, wouldn't they show in the reminders list? And I've never setup any savings goals.
  • Chris_QPW
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    This other problem seems to be the same one, but just showing the problem in a different view of the balances.

    It would be interesting if you could go to the Bills and Income Reminders and look at that graph and see if the problem shows up there too.

    I have a suspicion that there is some kind of corrupted online bill or reminder data.
    This is my website:
  • epitts500
    epitts500 Member ✭✭
    Since the update 3 days ago, I am getting multiple erroneous reminders for overdue bills and income in my USAA accounts
  • George P
    George P Member ✭✭✭
    After update to R29.12, I keep getting the same long list of past due reminders for bills. Every time I select to ignore all past due notices for the biller, but they come back after every One Step Update. How do I stop this from happening?
  • shredder110
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    I am having the same problem.....The whole New Quicken Bill pay has been awful. WAY TOO MANY PROBLEMS. Besides the fact that you cannot pay any bills from USAA BUT also many of reminders from all my accounts keep coming back. I try to delete it, ignore it or pay it THEY KEEP COMING BACK!!! Totally unsat!!! It has already cost me $25 in a late fee because they cannot send a check efficiently NOR are they hooked up electronically to very many billers. Try and pay your HMO fees electronically NOPE you have to send a check and the new system is awful.
  • I have the same problems in that bill reminders from previous months keep coming up regardless of how many times I "ignore" them. This just started happening in the past few weeks. Very frustrating!
  • shredder110
    shredder110 Member ✭✭
    > @"Greg Hoffman" said:
    > I have the same problems in that bill reminders from previous months keep coming up regardless of how many times I "ignore" them. This just started happening in the past few weeks. Very frustrating!

    I just turned off in the updates section "Sync to Quicken Cloud" and that has fixed the issue....I really do not use their cloud stuff since I find the iPad app pretty much worthless and I use DropBox to sync my quicken data between my computers. Hope this helps.
  • I am having the same issue since updating. I haven't made any significant changes to my settings or accounts.

    All of a sudden when I do a One Step Update it brings back ALL of my transaction history and bills which completely screws my data.

    Had to restore a backup and manually add all my transactions.
  • Bob@45
    Bob@45 Member ✭✭✭✭

    Quicken updated this morning, and I too am hit with all of these bogus overdue reminders.

    Attached screen shot is from one checking account,

    1.       This is an online transfer of $125 from this checking account to a separate debit card at the same bank, originally posted and cleared 5/28/20, which now appears with a second entry still overdue.

    2.       This is a direct deposit paycheck entry into this checking account, originally received and posted 5/28/20, which now appears with a duplicate entry still overdue. The bottom line of this grid shows the next week’s posted check for $383.70, and newly appearing overdue entry for 279.68 (same amount as 5/29).

    3.       This is a credit card payment, originally posted 6/1/20. A second entry has now appeared, not “overdue” but rather “uncleared”.

    4.       This is a repeat of (1), the same transfer, with one entry that had cleared on 6/4, and a second entry now showing as overdue.

    Based on insufficient information, my guess would be that my Chase download included data back to 5/28. Instead of matching downloaded records against previously download and cleared records, it treated them as new records, flagging some as if they had been entered by me and were waiting matching, and some as if they were overdue entries.

  • Bob@45
    Bob@45 Member ✭✭✭✭

    The Quicken file that I had the above problem with would have taken me hours and hours to clean up, with no assurance the problem wouldn’t recur on the next OSU.  So I restored the file from auto-backup (3 days ago), and started experimenting.

    Rather than a full OSU, I did a single update of a single checking account which has one recurring auto-transfer in. That account happens to be with a bank which has a single credit card also in Quicken, with two recurring charges and obviously recurring payments (and a recurring reminder to check for statements).

    From the checking account I launched the update. It seemed to run normally.  It pulled in yesterday’s transfer in (not yet matched since this is from a 3-day old backup), and there are no other bogus entries in this account. Accepted, reconciled, OK so far. Repeat the update. No changes, which is good.

    Interestingly – OSU did not ask for my vault password.

    Checked the credit card account. The register heading shows Last Download just now, express web connect. This account downloaded two new charges last night. Those new charges did NOT download just now. My future transactions all look normal.

    Next test: Credit card which has a 0% balance transfer in it.  There have been no charges in this account since the balance transfers. There have been six payments from the primary checking account, with future recurring payments (estimate: same as most recent payment) and a monthly reminder to check statements. Update that one account.  

    OSU now asks me for my vault password.

    Following OSU, no changes.

    Since it asked me for my password just now, and not earlier, I return to the first credit card with those two missing transaction, and update that account again. The two new transactions now downloaded, and nothing else happened. Looks good. Accepted the two transactions and reconciled. Good.

    Next test: An online savings account that has one weekly transfer in. There had been one transfer in downloaded last night, and it downloaded correctly again during this test. Everything looks good.

    Cross fingers and launch global OSU. Ran normally, and the accounts hit by the problem earlier this morning did NOT suffer a recurrence.

    So it seems recovering to a backup file (which happened to predate the Quicken update), and running a new OSU on that, seems to avoid the issue.

     I have two other Quicken files to process (I manage finances for three related families), and will update if I see anything significant while processing those.

  • dinatekno
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    > @shredder110 said:
    > > @Greg Hoffman said:
    > > I have the same problems in that bill reminders from previous months keep coming up regardless of how many times I "ignore" them. This just started happening in the past few weeks. Very frustrating!
    > I just turned off in the updates section "Sync to Quicken Cloud" and that has fixed the issue....I really do not use their cloud stuff since I find the iPad app pretty much worthless and I use DropBox to sync my quicken data between my computers. Hope this helps.

    YES!!!!!!! Thank you both! I never use the sync, it's awful. I noticed after this last update that sync was enabled and it messed up all of my reminders. So frustrating. Needed to spend about an hour fixing the mess. Quicken's development team does not care much about QA or regression testing - and it shows.
  • Thanks! Turning off Sync to Quicken Cloud worked for me as well.
  • shredder110
    shredder110 Member ✭✭
    Yep this is definitely a Sync problem with Quicken Cloud....I have another data file (my mom's) and her sync has been off the whole time and I had zero Reminder issues. Quicken you need to fix your programing ASAP along with USAA Billing issues and Macy's credit card download issues.
  • Quicken_Tyka
    Quicken_Tyka Alumni ✭✭✭✭
    Hello all,

    Thank you for taking the time to visit the Community to report this issue, although I apologize for any frustration that this has caused.

    If you have not done so already, please take a moment to navigate to Help > Report a Problem and submit a report, please include the logs as well as a sanitized data file if comfortable doing so.

    As of this moment I have been unable to recreate this issue in my Quicken file, I apologize. The sanitized data file will help our teams to recreate and investigate this issue further.

    Thank you,
    -Quicken Tyka
  • me
    me Member ✭✭✭
    I have submitted.
  • mass imo
    mass imo Member ✭✭
    i have submitted, this is horrible that I have to keep changing my local every day. Only happens on a new day for some odd reason, even though i sync it through out the day.
  • mass imo
    mass imo Member ✭✭
    FYI - if your reminders are set to auto, they will be also added to your register which makes this problem so much worse.
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