Several "Newbie" Questions about Importing and Bank/Credit Card syncing

Just signed up for Quicken/Mac yesterday and have a few quick questions about importing...
- When I import from my bank and my credit card, one shows a payment to the card and one shows a payment received from the bank - do I delete one (or both) of these and create a transfer from the bank to the credit card to properly account for this?
- I have my Citi Card and Bank set up to automatically pay my credit card balance each month. Will I need to watch for and "correct" these each month or will Quicken recognize this as a transfer from the bank to the Citi Card?
- My primary credit card was potentially compromised so Citi Bank sent a new card so I have two different accounts for Citi Card 1 and Citi Card 2. Quicken only imported transactions back to March 6 so I exported a QFX file from Jan 1 to Mar 6 from the Citi site and imported this (deleted three duplicate transactions) and it put these transactions under Citi Card 3. Is there an easy way to consolidate these under one CC account or just not worry about it?
Thanks in advance - I'm sure will have a few more questions but I'm getting up to speed quite quickly and appreciate the help of the experts here!

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