Why does Mint support these downloads but not Quicken?

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It seems like there are many accounts that Mint can link to, but Quicken cannot. I understand Quicken wants more functionality to be supported by the provider, but even if they do not support bill pay, I would love to see some read only downloads implemented for Quicken like Mint does. Here are just a few that Mint supports downloads for but Quicken does not:
- Optum Bank
- Sofi
- Wells Fargo without having to pay for full Quicken integration
- New American Funding
- NY Saves 529
- CA ScholarShare 529
- Zillow update for home value

Why does Mint support these downloads but not Quicken?

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  • splasher
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    Quicken and Mint are products by two different companies.
    Ford automobiles do not have all the same features as Dodges or Volvos, why expect Quicken to do everything that Mint does or Mint to do everything the Quicken does?

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  • Chris_QPW
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    I will point out also that both the contracts and the access APIs for Quicken vs Mint are different.

    For instance since Mint gets its income from ads and such, they make the contract that they will places XXX ads in exchange for access, whereas Quicken doesn't.

    And given that there isn't any standardized API to access this data, each is fighting for support for the APIs they support.  And so that certainly goes into the financial institution's decision on whether they want to support Quicken or Mint or both, and at what level
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