Should I use Mac or Windows?

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  • Darran_AUS
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    Hi @J_Mike

    I also run QMac and have Parallels on my Mac and was considering if QWin might be better / easier? Do you have a preference ? Is it possible to install QWin under parallels, and then use Quicken sync to keep updated whilst I evaluated? I’m liking the iPhone a quicken app for data entry on the go hence my original decision to keep in the Mac environment. But having previously been a Win user in Australia am probably more familiar with layout.
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    Hello @Darran_AUS

    Thank you for taking the time to visit the Community to ask your question, although I apologize that you have not received a response.

    There are many differences between the Windows and Mac versions, the Windows version is older than the newer Mac version has more features.

    A few key points to help decide would first be whether you use investments or not.

    If you track investments, the accounts cannot be migrated to the Windows version at this time.

    You may run both versions however they do not communicate or share a data file and will need to open and maintained separately.

    Last, the mobile application will be the same whether you are running Windows or Mac.

    I hope this helps to clarify!
    -Quicken Tyka
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    @Darran_AUS , go here, and flip back and forth betwen "Quicken for Windows" and "Quicken for Mac" to compare the products.
    BUT, if the _AUS indicates that you're in Australia, you should be aware that ONLY US and Cdn financial institutions can download into Quicken. 
    ALSO, that there's a "Quicken for Windows - Canada" that can download from CDN banks/etc. QWin US can only download from US banks.
    QMac,  once you've decided if you want to to work in the US or Canada, can download from either.

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  • Darran_AUS
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    @Quicken_Tyka and @NotACPA
    Thank you both for the information. Yes I am an Australian user who for over a decade was left with an older poorly supported Reckon Personal Plus (Reckon bought out Quicken in Australia many years ago). Since discovering the QMac version I’ve been extremely happy with the product. Still getting used to the new interface though. It’s interesting to hear that QWin is also an older version. I think I’ll stick with QMac - I do track share (stock) investments. Not worried about bank downloads as I always have manually entered details - sort of keeps me honest :-). Must admit the support and guidance on your community pages is great. I know of a few more Australian’s who have or are in the process of migrating to Quicken Canada as well.

    Thanks again.
  • Chris_QPW
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    Just so you know.  Intuit licensed the Quicken code to a few companies around the world to do "local versions".  Reckon was one of such companies.  In 2004 they decided that they no longer wanted to support that and withdrew the license, from all but Reckon.  For some reason they got to continue using it.  But as time went on they have dropped the name Quicken, and changed it to something like "Personal ...".  And from what people have said it is still sold (but extremely hard find it on their website), but it costs something like $160 a year.

    Quicken Windows US (and the branch of that code base which is Quicken Canadian) is at its core still the same code that was created when it was first developed for Windows (opposed to DOS) and has never had a total rewrite like Quicken Mac has (which was started in 2007 BTW).  Mind you this isn't the "same Quicken" since they have added/changed many things over the years, and it isn't "frozen", but yes it still shows some of that long history.
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  • Quicken Hugh
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    "It’s interesting to hear that QWin is also an older version."
    To provide a fuller context:
    The architecture of the QWin software is older than the (more recently re-built) QMac version of the software. That is to say, the QWin software has been in constant development over the last ~30 years, so some parts of the software code are, in fact, old. Quicken does update the QWin software frequently though. 
    The current QMac software is based on a more recent ground-up rebuild of the software, and the QMac version of the software is also updated frequently.
  • Darran_AUS
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    @“Quicken Hugh”

    Thanks for providing some context. Having come from Australian version where the software is more like 10years old (annual updates are mere tax rates), and we no longer have functioning bank / stock price downloads, it’s great to hear that even with older architecture there are still development updates happening. We’ve never had a QMac working version, and when running QWin via Parallels on a Mac they claimed “unsupported - go away”.
    I just feel there are some many options now available that I’m “like a kid in a candy store”

    Thanks again.
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    Hi @Darran_AUS
    G'day Mate - welcome to the fray here in the US of A! (I'm in Brisbane)
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