How do I add a tag to only one account, If I make a transaction between two account.

In making an entry that involves two account and adding a tag to one it also gets added to the other. If moving to the other account and deleting the tag it also gets deleted from the first account.

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  • Tom Young
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    As far as I know there's no way to do that.  The "Tag" entry is an integral part of "ear marking" the transaction for identification purposes in the same way Category is used.
    What are you trying to achieve here that makes the use of the Tag in one Quicken Account useful to you but you don't want to see that Tag in the other Account?  Since an entry that "involves two account(s)" is simply a Transfer it seems like the Tag is equally applicable in both places.
  • Cash Flow I need to know how much money I move out of my savings account into my expense bank accounts....
  • I don't want to see 2 transactions offsetting each other and I don't want to exclude the savings account from the report, as there are other transactions there that I need to include in the report
  • NotACPA
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    But they DO offset each other.  You're debiting one account and crediting the other ... that's EXACTLY what a Transfer means.
    A Transfer doesn't make you either richer or poorer, unlike Income and Expense items.  You're trying to show the debit (i.e., makes you poorer) side without showing the credit (offsets the debit side) ... which makes no sense from an accounting viewpoint.
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  • But from a cash flow standpoint I need to know how much actual cash I am using to pay my bills. That's why I only want to see one side in my report. Looks like my only option is to exclude the account with the transaction that I do not want to see. Thanks fo
    r your help
  • Ps56k2
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    mniemie46 said:
    Cash Flow I need to know how much money I move out of my savings account into my expense bank accounts....
    just following along.... which Cash Flow menu path report & graph are you using...

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  • Thanks for all your input and advice. All appreciated. God bless, have a superific day.
  • to ps56k, I use the Cash Flow report and then modify to include the items I tag as Cash Flow.
    I created the tag and then added to items I want included in the report
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