Return (%) YTD not updating for some investments.

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In Portfolio view, some Return (%) YTD are not updating. Per Quicken online help, " Return (%) YTD is based on downloaded data." This column for MOST of my holdings IS correct by comparing with Morningstar and my own calculations. The Return YTD column (actual $) IS correct for the ones not updating.

Of 22 investments, two mutual funds are reading N/A, and my only two individual stocks have wildly wrong values (negative values as if those values are from the big market dip this spring). I believe this has been the case for a while for these four.

Prices for all holdings are updating correctly.

None of my accounts are linked to online providers. I enter everything manually.

Anyone see this behavior?



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    This data is indeed downloaded and has been out of date in the past. If you are willing to share the tickers for the affected stocks we can try them.

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  • Jeff195
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    For Return (%) YTD, VTSAX and VWENX are listed as "N/A". TFC and VZ have wrong values (guessing these are long past value). Also, oddly, the return values for TFC (-30.2202%) and VZ (-0.8225%) are to 4 decimal places, whereas all the other returns are to 2 places.
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    I have set up a savings account but every time a transfer money in it impacts the annualized return (100% +). I have other accounts I set up in the past and transferring in money does not impact annualized return (which it shouldn't). Any thoughts on what could be wrong? Thanks
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    Your problem sounds different from the one being discussed here, which is problems with the Return(%) YTD column in the Investing Portfolio views.

    If your problem is different, please start a new discussion on that topic. Be sure to make clear:
    -- Is this an investing account, or a savings account where you have set the Account Intent to Investing?

    -- What is the exact name of the column in the Investing Portfolio view that has the incorrect data? 
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    I'm having a problem similar to what Jeff is describing. My problem is in Portfolio View, I'm getting a Return (%) YTD for all my Mutual Funds, and they are correct. However, I'm not getting any Return (%) YTD for any of my ETF's or stocks. I'm getting a dollar amount for them, but no % YTD amount.
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    Hello @Bob B

    Thank you for taking the time to visit the Community to report your issue, although I apologize that you have not yet received a follow-up response.

    If you have not done so already, I would recommend opening Quicken and navigating to Help > Report a Problem to provide feedback.

    This report will not receive a direct response, however, the information will be used for investigative and research purposes.

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    As previously mentioned, Return (%) YTD is not calculated from your own data; it is downloaded. I don't see it for any of my ETFs, either. I do see it for my one stock, BRK.B. So you get whatever some server is providing. Quicken Help says:
    Note that Return (%) YTD is based on downloaded data and is not affected by changes in the As of date option.

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