Non-zero Actuals for Categories without Budgets not showing up on report


I have been using Quicken for Windows since 2004. So I have many categories I used to use that I no longer use in the current year. However, occasionally, I will use a category or sub-category for which I haven't seleted for budgeting in the current year.

When I print the Budget vs. Actual report, it does not show the actuals for categories that weren't budgeted in the current year. In the past, I used the advanced option "non-zero actual/budgeted" to print actuals for unbudgeted categories and only non-zero actuals.

Now, to get the unbudgeted categories to show up in the report, I must go to the Planning tab and add select that category/sub-category to be in the current year budget (although I don't have to put in any amount).

It worked for many years but stopped working a couple of years ago. I think that the advanced option has either changed or is not working correctly. I can't include "all categories" as I have many categories for past years that I no longer use and i don't want all those zero amounts to show in the report.

Is there any way for the Actual vs Budget report to show non-zero, unbudgeted items without having to go into Planning and selecting that category to be included in the current year budget?

Windows Version R29.22


  • Sherlock
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    Non-Zero actual/budgeted should include all categories with non-zero actuals or non-zero budgeted amounts, inclusively.  I suspect another filter may be impacting the report.  If not, you may want to review:
  • Chris_QPW
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    Well I just tested in my data file and for me it works the way you said you wanted it.
    I'm on R30.9, but I doubt that is the problem.

    This is my website:
  • Bill West
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    Thanks to both Sherlock and Chris_QPW.

    I repaired and validated my data file and but the problem still persisted. Note that this 15 year old file has gone through many conversions as Quicken updated their programs (including how budgets were handled year over year starting in 2013).

    So, I created a new test file and set up a test budget. Initially, I didn't have an issue (a non-budgeted item showed up correctly in the Budget report).

    But then when I changed the transaction to a new category, that new category didn't show up in the report although the amount was reflected in the Expense total.

    SOLUTION: After creating the new category, I simply tapped on the Planning tab and did nothing else. I then ran the Budget report and lo and behold, the new category showed up. So, the workaround is:

    Whenever you create a new category or sub-category, you must tap on the Planning tab to "refresh" the categories before running a budget report. If you don't do that first, the new category or sub-category transaction will not show up in a budget report (although the totals will be correct). Once you tap on the Planning tab and rerun the report, the category/sub-category appears (even without a budget amount in it).

    Definitely a bug but something I can live with now that I know what to do.

    GO FIGURE....

    Thanks again for your replies.
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