Can I change a security name and not lose the buying and selling history?

A mutual Name changed and I don't want to loos the buying history


  • Sherlock
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    edited November 2020
    To change the name of a security: press Ctrl + Y, right-click on the security, select Edit, replace the Name field, and select OK

    Quicken also offers a Corporate Name Change wizard that will perform the name change and add a Reminder transaction in the affected investment account registers: open an investment account register, press Ctrl + N, and select Corporate Name Change in the Enter transaction: pull-down menu
  • q_lurker
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    Note that there are cases where a 'name change' may not be a simple name change.  It may be necessary to also change the ticker symbol and matching to an online security may also be impacted.  Post back if you might have a more complicated variation on change of a security name, and I'll try to expand on the possibilities. 
  • Boatnmaniac
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    You should also note that making the simple security name change via the processes noted by @Sherlock will change all the transactions history from the old security name to the new security name.  But the rest of the transactions history (dates, buys, sells, prices, income, etc.) will remain unchanged. 

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