Upgrading from 2007 to 2017 and securities don't transfer?

Run the conversion and everything works fine - cash accounts, liabilities, real estate - except securities. The brokerage accounts show cash transactions but no securities. Tries rebuilding, no help. Try to do a limited save and get error "cannot erase previous files". Any help appreciated


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    Have you tried rebuilding your indexes in Quicken 2007 before you import? If not, it's Command-Option-B in Quicken 2007; try that, quit Quicken 2007, and try the import again from Quicken 2017.

    I don't know if that will solve your problem, but I can assure you securities do normally convert properly in all the versions of modern Quicken Mac. (I've been converting my Quicken 2007 file in every version from Quicken 2015 through the current subscription Quicken Mac.) 

    I'm not sure what you mean about doing a "limited save"?

    What version of macOS are you using? Because Quicken 2017 is no longer supported software, it's possible that something in the importer isn't working correctly if you're running a recent macOS. And what version of Quicken 2017 are you running?
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  • mdrock
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    tried the rebuild multiple times and no help.

    Limited save - tried a save with data limited to set dates. My data goes back to 93. tried a save from 2000 to present. would not save data file. got the error message

    Running Mojave OS. Quicken 17 is 4.8.6
  • mdrock
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    could this be because I don't have "connected services" any more? It won't process the securities because it cant connect to download the prices? Read somewhere else that manually entered prices would not transfer
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    @mdrock  No, it definitely shouldn't have anything to do with connected services (which no longer function for Quicken 2007), or manual transactions. My Quicken 2007 data was *all* manually entered, and all my securities transactions and price history imported flawlessly.

    Also, one of the Macs I use, and the one on which I did my final import from Quicken 2007 is on macOS Mojave. The difference is that I was importing to the current 2020 version of Quicken, not Quicken 2017. I'm not aware of any problems with Quicken 2017 on Mojave, but I can fire up my copy of 2017 and try to re-import my Quicken 2007 data to see if it works cleanly. (I'll report back when it finishes.)
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    @mdrock Well, I have results from my test, and I have good news and bad news. The good news is that I can confirm you're right: for some reason, only banking (Payment/Deposit) transactions imported from Quicken 2007 to Quicken 2017. I'm quite surprised, as this always worked correctly in the past when I did similar 2007 > 2017 imports. Something is clearly broken at this point.

    The bad news: Quicken 2017 is no longer supported, so there is likely no path forward; this is not likely to be fixed. Because this import does work correctly with the current Quicken Mac software. But you'll need to buy the subscription product to be able to move forward from your Quicken 2007.
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  • mdrock
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    Thanks for testing.

    However, perhaps my explanation was not clear. What I bought was the 2020 subscription product. (No reason to buy connect service for my 2017 software; price is the same). So the upgrade path I completed was from 2007 to 2020; bypassing 2017 all together. And worked just fine except for one glitch which is easily fixed I think.

    I believe that the transfer process does depend on some connection to their cloud and the fact that 07 to 17 worked couple of years ago but not know makes me thing that something has changed on their end in the ensuing years. And as you say, 17 is not supported anymore so that problem will not be fixed.

    But the fact that 07 to 17 seems to be broken now is not really an issue since I have jumped to 20 and into the subscription model.

    Just need to get used to the changes. For example, the portfolio page does not display dividend yield like 07. And transfer of cash between accounts is more of a PITA.

    Thanks again
  • jacobs
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    Okay, the title on your thread is "Upgrading from 2007 to 2017", so that's why I spent time investigating it. And you said originally none of your securities transactions imported. But now you're saying everything imported fine. So I'm not clear if you originally tried moving to 2017, and then upon finding that didn't work correctly, purchased Quicken 2020? In any case, I'm glad it's now working okay for you.

    I just uploaded from Quicken 2007 to Quicken 2020 last week. I do not have have Sync services (mobile/web access) enabled at all. I don't have any of my accounts configured to download transactions. But every data file generates a Quicken Cloud account; there's no way to turn that off.

    Transferring cash is actually just about as easy as Quicken 2007 if you show the Transfer column in your registers; you can select the account to answer to from the drop-down menu or just type a couple characters to select the right account. Alternatively, if you want to save space in your register by leaving the Transfer column hidden and using the Category field; start typing "Tra" and you'll see a pop-up list of Transfer destinations which you can click or arrow down to in the list.

    There are lots of things, some large and some small which are different in Quicken 2020, and it takes some time getting used to it and forgetting what years of muscle memory with 2007 make you think you need to do; over time, I've found it becomes more and more natural.

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  • QuickStudy
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    If you're upgrade from Mac to Mac or Windows...here are some watchouts on the Mac 2007 (Quicken for Mac 2007) process I just went through:

    I was able successfully upgrade my Quicken for Mac 2007 (QFM2007) data file to Quicken for Windows (QFW) subscription (Quicken 2018 deluxe E30.10 build running in Windows 7 SP2. I did this using many tips from other posts and boards. Overall conversion process and errors found in QFW are shown below. This conversion process will take 12-19 hours for a Quicken account with 3 bank accounts and 27 investment accounts (YMMV). - QuickStudy

    Conversion process:
    1. QFM2007 side
    a. Update the QFM2007 file with all of your securities (shares up-to-date)
    b. Update the security (share) price by syncing with the Quicken server in QFM2007
    c. Backup this file
    d. Export the updated QFM2007 file using the QIF file format export feature (for safety sake I used a filename format of 8 characters with .qif file extension; example: johndoeQ.qif)
    i. My Account and QIF file contained 3 bank accounts and 27 investment accounts
    2. QFW side
    a. Transfer a copy of the QIF file to Windows to a folder of your choice
    b. Download the QIF file fixer program CLEANQIF from http://www.quicknperlwiz.com (at http://www.quicknperlwiz.com/cleanqif.html)
    c. Fix the Mac QIF file for known date formatting issues
    i. Drop the QIF file onto the CLEANQIF.exe application to create a new date-fixed QIF file with the correct Windows date formatting within that QIF file
    ii. Save the new QIF file
    iii. (If you do not fix the QIF file dates – all QFW side converted transactions will be in year 19xx dating (example: a transaction occurring in QFM2007 on 3/26/2009 will be shown in QFW as 3/26/1909 and therefore the IRR/NPV and all other time-based investment performance calculations are wrong in QFW with the incorrect dating. Y2K)
    d. Create a backup copy of this fixed QIF file
    e. Launch QFW and create a New Account
    f. Import the date-corrected QIF file
    i. Select Yes for each sub account in the QIF file to import all accounts (bank and investment accounts)
    g. Review and compare each account in QFW with the original QFM2007 account
    h. Adjust cash balances to your original QFM2007 account using the appropriate transaction
    i. (I used Misc. transaction in QFW to make a deposit or payment to a fictitious payee in order to get the QFW cash balance to = QFM2007 cash balance in each sub-account)
    i. Save a copy of this new QFW file (quicken data file format .QDF file extension) in File Explorer to your backup drive
    j. Have QFW make a backup of this Quicken data file (QDF file)
    k. Review all (sub) accounts for share amount, account designation (retirement/IRA, taxable/non-taxable, and the like).
    Issues found on the QFW-side after the conversion process:
    1. Cash balances in each investment (sub) account were VERY different than each QFM2007 (sub) account
    a. In most examples there was a $0.00 cash balance in the QFM2007 account and the QFW account had negative or positive cash balances
    i. (QFW accounts had about ~4-9 % of the account value as a different cash balance in QFW as compared to the QFM2007 account)
    2. Cash balances in the bank accounts was closer but did not match the same QFM2007 bank account balance
    3. Stock tickers were missing on all (each) security in QFW and had to be manually added back.
    a. Click on the security in QFW
    b. Update the ticker symbol
    c. Check the Asset Allocation box so that the allocation amounts sync
    d. Update the security historical prices (syncs historical prices and allocation)
    e. (Oddly the QFM Subscription version 5.18.2 build 518.35919.100 imported QIF file running on a separate Mac (2014-era operating OS X El Capitan 10.11) was pristine match for QFM2007 file cash and share balances and working ticker symbols)
    4. Account gains and investment performances were slightly different in QFW than the QFM2007 (and QFM subscription converted files).
    a. Not sure how to get QFW to equal the performance metrics from QFM2007
    5. Account designations were not correct in QFW (retirement/IRA)
    a. (Oddly the QFM Subscription version 5.18.2 build 518.35919.100 imported QIF file running on a separate Mac (2014-era operating OS X El Capitan 10.11) was pristine match for account designations like Retirement)
    • https://www.quicken.com/support/converting-your-data-quicken-mac
    • https://community.quicken.com/discussion/7869495/qif-file-import-dates-in-wrong-century-1917-vs-2017
    • https://community.quicken.com/discussion/comment/20132379#Comment_20132379
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    This thread is about going from QM2007 to QMac only. QIF cannot be used to migrate to QMac since it does not support QIF import for this purpose.
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