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Remove leading zeroes from month & day numbers? (Q Mac)

Scott RoseScott Rose Mac Beta Beta
Now that I'm entering transactions for the new year, I've noticed (for the first time) that Quicken Mac adds a leading zero before the month & day numbers in transactions.

For example, it puts "01/02/21" for "January 2, 2021".

Is there any way to remove the leading zeroes for the month & day numbers, so that it only shows "1/2/21" instead of "01/02/21"? 


  • jacobsjacobs SuperUser, Mac Beta Beta
    It's all a matter of personal preference, I suppose, but I personally dislike when lists of transactions don't have leading zeros for months or dates, causing the months not to line up. For instance…

      01/07/21         1/7/21            1/7/21
      10/10/21         10/10/21        10/10/21<u>Fixed format</u>   <u>Left-justified</u>  <u>Right-justified</u>
      01/15/20 &nbsp; &nbsp;   &nbsp; 1/15/20        &nbsp; 1/15/20<br>  02/09/20 &nbsp; &nbsp;   &nbsp; 2/9/20 &nbsp; &nbsp;     &nbsp;  2/9/20<br>  10/16/20 &nbsp; &nbsp;   &nbsp; 10/16/20&nbsp;     &nbsp; 10/16/20<br>  11/05/20 &nbsp; &nbsp;  &nbsp;  11/5/20

    I find the left column here the easiest to scan up and down, because all the months and dates are aligned. Any time I work with a column of dates in a spreadsheet, the first thing I do is format the column for mm/dd/yy formatted dates. :)

    Note that in Reports, Quicken does do what you want: suppresses leading zeros in dates; I'd prefer them to be formatted as they are in registers:

    Quicken pulls most of its date and number formatting from the Mac operating system's settings, so you might play around with your System Preferences > Language & Region advanced setting to see if you can get Quicken to behave the way you'd like. But the leading zero in registers may override the macOS setting, and if so, there'd be no way to change it.

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  • Scott RoseScott Rose Mac Beta Beta

    Haha, thanks! Yes, I guess it does make it easier to scan the entire column for dates when everything is perfectly aligned with the same number of digits! That does make sense.

    Yes, I checked the Language & Region advanced setting, and the date was set with no leading zeroes there, so it seems like Quicken ignores the date settings there.

    Not a huge deal... just something I'll have to get used to, now that we're going into single-digit months. And like you said, it might even make things easier for visually scanning through transactions.

  • smayer97smayer97 SuperUser, Mac Beta, Canada Beta ✭✭✭✭✭
    QM2007 respects the macOS settings for dates and does not show leading zeros in the register. Never been a problem. But dates are also right-justified, so I think that makes it easier to read than the current QMac having them left-justified with no leading zeros.
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