How do I transfer all transactions from one credit card to another

My credit card provider replaced my card with a new one (new number). I haven't received the new card as yet. Quicken created a new card without giving me the opportunity to assign the card to the existing Quicken account. A good number of transactions have already been downloaded to the new account.
Is moving all the transactions from the old Quicken account to the new one, the best way to handle this or should I try to deactivate both the old and new accounts and re-activate and then assign the account to the existing (old) account. I guess a third option would be to leave both accounts separate but they are logically the same credit card just with different numbers. Advice?

Thanks in advance


  • Tom Young
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    Something of a "side question": is the connection method with this credit card provider Direct Connect or Express Web Connect? 
    The reason I asked is that up until Quicken made some changes in EWC the problem you're reporting was typically "user error" - the user selecting Add instead of Link - but people are reporting when they go through the disconnect/reconnect process with EWC Accounts the Account isn't included in the list of available Accounts to link to.
    Are you saying you did a download in the existing "old" Account and Quicken, all on it's own, created a new Account?
    Typically when a credit card number changes you should be able to deactivate the Account in Quicken that the old card was updating, reactivate the Account for downloads, and then "Link" the "new" card found at the credit card provider's site to the "old" Account.  But from your description it sounds like you weren't able to go through that process?
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    Tom: Sorry for leaving you hanging. I appreciate your response.

    The connection method is Express Web Connect.

    Yes, during a one step update Quicken created a new account, not giving me the option to link it to an existing account (which I hadn't de-activated) nor to create a new account. Both the new and old accounts in Quicken were still active but downloads only occur to the new account. I guess I expected Quicken to deactivate the existing account when it was no longer available on the institution's site and then prompt me to create/link the new account. But it didn't.

    I just physically received my new card yesterday. So this morning I read your response again and decided to do what Quicken didn't do. I deactivated the new and old account and then reactivated the new account. However, it wasn't quite that straightforward. Because I had pending transactions back to October for the new account, I accepted the one new transaction and then moved it to the old account. I then deleted the remaining transactions because they had already cleared in my old account. I then deactivated both accounts and reactivated the old account. Quicken kept asking me to provide it access by logging into my credit card's site and provide authorization. It kept prompting me to do this no mater what I did. I found I had to deactivate all credit cards associated with this institution and then delete the new credit card account Quicken has created. If I didn't, Quicken continued to activate the new account even when I was specifically requesting to activate the old account. Finally I'm all set.

    Thanks again Tom, your response pointed me in the right direction.
  • Tom Young
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    Glad you figured it out.
    Through all my decades using Quicken I've always had Direct Connect with all my Accounts, until just recently when two seldom-used Accounts switched to EWC.  And shortly thereafter some aspect of the "new" EWC hosed my Quicken file, so I shut those Accounts off from downloading.
    What I found before turning off these Accounts was that while Quicken wasn't presenting the Account to link to in the setup process,  blindly clicking "Link to existing account" worked and the correct (non-presented but correct) Account got linked.  Others have reported something similar.
    I expect something along these lines is what you encountered.