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Trying to add WSFS Bank but all I see is the business option.  How to add WSFS personal.
Be aware that WSFS personal has worked on previous editions.  I currently use quicken with express web connect now and it has worked for a few years but I am trying to add a new account that has just been opened.

Any help will be appreciated


  • NotACPA
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    You probably see the business options because the same file (FIDir.txt)  is used for both Quicken and Quickbooks.
    It's not apparent that WSFS has decided to support Quicken.
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  • splasher
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    Could this be the FI you are looking for?
    06670    06670    06670    Wimington Savings FS Bank Cons    1-800-292-9594   

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  • Pontihog
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    Any suggestions on how to get express web to work with another account since it is still working with two other WSFS accounts that are not business accounts ?
  • Pontihog
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    Just to follow up. As I recall there was not a WSFS option when I originally setup my other accounts.  This was before the subscription model.  It seems that there was a business only option but there was a option to select if your bank wasnt listed and it opened a webpage the first time to setup your account.  My memory is foggy on this and it might of been another piece of software I was trying out.  But either way I was able to setup WSFS personal accounts in quicken with automatic updating and still able to use it today with my WSFS accounts.

    If anyone recalls how to do this, please share.

  • UKR
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    There are two bank entries for "WSFS":
    If one doesn't work for your new account, have you tried the other?
    How long ago was the new account created? If may take a day or two for the new account to wind its way thru the computer systems.
    Some banks require that new accounts need to be authorized for "third party access". That's usually done on their website. You may want to call the bank and ask them for help: Which of the two bank names to use and help enabling downloading / third party access.

  • Pontihog
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    For some reason only the Business entry seems to show.  My other accounts that I have presently are listed in the quicken accounts as the Wilmington Savings FS Bank Cons, but I am not given this option for my new account which has been opened for over 2 weeks.

    Not sure why I only see one entry as you are seeing two for WSFS.
  • Quicken_Tyka
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    Hello @Pontihog

    Thank you for the response and the additional details. In your comment, you are stating that you are unable to find Wilmington Savings FS Bank.

    However, the Quicken option is for Wimington Savings FS Bank Cons. Wimington does not contain an "L". Please ensure you are searching for this option and not Wilmington.

    Please let us know how it goes!

    -Quicken Tyka
  • Pontihog
    Pontihog Member ✭✭
    That was it!!   Thank you.
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