Does Quicken work yet with VMWare?

Richard Lowensohn
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I am a longtime Quicken Windows user. I have switched to a MacBook Pro, and was using VMWare to run Quicken in a Windows environment. The most recent version of MacOS broke VM Ware, and I was forced to download Windows for Mac. I find it rudimentary and really not adequate in comparison to the Windows version. So...two questions:
Can I try to install a Windows version from time to time in my emulator while still keeping the Mac version? Can I run a Windows copy in Boot Camp while still running the Mac version?
   Having to reboot every time I use Quicken is very difficult; I would like to run in the emulator if at all possible. I miss the Windows version!


  • jfclague
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    Parallels works the best for me. Give it a try.
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    I am a longtime Quicken Windows user. I have switched to a MacBook Pro. The most recent version of MacOS broke VMWare
    Just to clarify - which MacOS are you running on the MacBook Pro
    and wanting to still run QWin on it ?

  • jacobs
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    You said macOS Big Sur broke VMWare, so it sounds like your question is whether VMWare works on Big Sur, not whether Quicken runs on VMWare. My understanding is that VMWare does run on Big Sur Macs with Intel chips; they released that last summer around the time Apple shipped Big Sur. If you bought a new Mac with an M1 chip, though, then there isn't yet a version of VMWare for that, although they say it is under development.

    If you're on an Intel Mac, you can run Boot Camp; you need to provide your own Windows license. If you have an M1 Mac, you can't -- and probably won't be able to unless Microsoft gives it a green light. 

    As mentioned above, Parallels is the most popular VM for Mac users running Windows. If you're having trouble with VMWare, you might consider Parallels. (But Parallels, like VMWare, cannot yet run Windows on an M1 Mac.)

    In terms of Quicken Mac and Quicken Windows, the key thing to know is that there's no two-way street for your data. You can go from Windows to Mac generally pretty well, although there are gouache's for some users. You can't go from Mac to Windows because investment transactions aren't imported into Quicken Windows. 
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  • Tharris
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    VMware works fine for me on the latest MacOS. I use:
    MacOS V11.2
    VMware Fusion 12.1
    Quicken 30.21
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    jacobs said:
    You said macOS Big Sur broke VMWare, so it sounds like your question is whether VMWare works on Big Sur, not whether Quicken runs on VMWare. 
    In fact I believe that isn't the problem. I believe the problem is that VMWare and Quicken Windows don't "get along".  If I remember correctly for some reason users can't log into the Quicken account (Quicken Id).  As in the same thing that is happening to this Windows 7 user.

    And here is another on the VMWare problem.
    This is my website:
  • Richard Lowensohn
    <div>Thanks - I solved the issue by using Parallels.</div><div>Richard
  • tkassum
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    Quick note - I have been using VMWare Fusion to run Windows Quicken on a Mac for probably about 15 years. Now. I have to say that managing the separate operating system environment on my laptop becomes quite tedious, especially when Apple releases system software updates that blow up VMWare, which seems to happen annually.

    I'm trying something new and if it works well, I will share further. I've set up a virtual desktop in an AWS environment. It's basically a Windows computer that is completely cloud-based, and it's pay-as-you-go but I expect it to cost a few dollars a month. It runs Quicken great and I can upload my backups to a cloud-based storage service.

    There are other services like Shells that do the same thing, but I figure AWS is the gold standard.

    Just an idea. Have fun with software!
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