Odd unpaid invoices

When I ask for Unpaid Invoices, I see a lot with a zero balance. When I check them most show payment received. Why are they showing up?


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  • broosth
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    Version R31.8, Build
    In this image you can see some very old invoices with a zero balance due.
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    In your Customer Invoices account register, do these invoices, together with their related payment, credit, refund, etc. transactions all have a "c" in the Clr column?
    How do you record payment received for an invoice?
    Do you (A) use the New Customer Payment transaction from the Customer Invoices register
    or (B) do you transfer funds received from your checking account into the Customer Invoices register?
    In the latter case (B), Quicken may not correctly assign the outstanding invoice to the payment to mark it as paid.
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