Can I delete all of old backup files and just keep the current one

I have many old Quicken backup files on my computer do I need to keep them?


  • Sherlock
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     We may delete any backup files we do not want to keep.  I use Duplicati to maintain three months of encrypted daily backups that include my Quicken data file backups on GoogleDrive
  • Rocket J Squirrel
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    Quicken data files are fragile and subject to corruption. The remedy is often to restore a backup. Sometimes people have to restore older and older backups until they find an uncorrupted one.
    If having many backups on your PC's disk drive is annoying you, I'd suggest moving them onto an external drive just in case you ever find you need one.
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  • NotACPA
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    Each backup is a complete copy of your Q data file as of the time of the backup.
    So you don't need to keep all of them.
    HOWEVER, data corruption can lurk undetected for a while before your copy of Q crashed due to data corruption.
    So, it's your call how many you want to keep.  Daily backups for a week or two, preceded by weekly backups, preceded by monthly backups has been previously suggested.
    NOTE that you can also backup to a USB (thumb) drive or such, so that if your computer gets trashed you still have your backup files stored separately.
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