In Quicken user community website, show if I've voted for an idea

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This is NOT for Quicken web application but instead for the Quicken user community website at (I couldn't find a better place to post this.)

When looking at a topic with a voting block at the bottom of the first comment, there is a number of votes with a up arrow below it. However, I can't tell whether I've already voted for that item! I have to click the number to see if it goes up or down. If it goes down then I have to click again to restore my earlier vote.

Solution: Once I vote, change the up arrow to a down arrow.
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  • Chris_QPW
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    Note there is a difference, but it is very subtle (it goes from gray to black).

    But note I'm leaving my vote on this because I have also found it confusing and a better indicator would be nice.
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  • JayBugs
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    Thanks. Now that is pointed out I see it...and will remember it this session. Thanks for the up vote since subtle shade changes are not a useful interface element or good user design. (Of course not your fault. Web admins, please just flip the icon for voted to a V.)
  • jacobs
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    @JayBugs  I agree with what you and Chris have written above. I just wanted to note that this forum runs on a software platform called Vanilla which is not of Quicken's making. The site administrators can configure lots of things, but I don't think they can change the user interface for an element like the vote indicator; they'd have to put this forward as a feature request to Vanilla. (And they should.)
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  • JayBugs
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    Thanks. I've filed the bug report with Vanilla directly and they (as the specific customer) should do it as well. Super simple single icon image file change. Flip the grey arrow over...
  • UKR
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    While they're making changes, they should also change the size of the clickable area from being just the tiny triangle to the entire bluish block containing the vote count and the triangle.
  • Boatnmaniac
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    Got my vote!

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